Why are there no Feminist groups in Australia?

I have been searching for prominent feminist groups or organisations in Australia, you know big ones with a presence in more than one city, but I couldn’t seem to find any, there were a couple of small ones but nothing that looked promising for Australia.

It is a little worrying, that Australian women have no role models and organisations to follow on home soil, no feminist coverage of the current events in our country. Sure, we can follow overseas feminist news and support foreign organisations, but there is still plenty of problems that need to be addressed in Australia first.


Let’s face it, Australia is far from being a front runner in equality, especially when it comes to locations outside the capital cities…in say, country Victoria for example…so the need for a major feminist organisation is a very real thing.

I am talking about those large organisations which are known globally, get noticed and could actually really make a difference with their work. That is what I want here, that is what this country needs.
Without an organisation that can lead the way for feminism in Australia, our country will just continue to go backwards on the equality front.

feminist fist

There is such a stigma attached to feminism in Australia, here feminists are still thought of, by a majority of people, as the bra burning, hairy, man-hating women that society has long made us out to be. I mean, we haven’t even legalised gay marriage yet, how far behind do we want to be for god sake. It is about time feminism and equality had some kind of voice in Australia and it is high time that voice was heard.

It is time Australia crawled out of that archaic cave they have been held up in for centuries and realised they need feminism in order to keep up with the rest of the world.
Perhaps there are groups out there that I haven’t found yet, that need a hand to become greater, I would love to help. Or maybe I could just start my own?! Now that would be something, I could be the head of a raging, angry, feminist movement here in Australia!